Used Car Finance in Stanhope

Get more for your money today with UK Car Finance. We can provide you with exceptional finance deals and guide you into pairing it with an even better car arrangement. We are rated one of the leading car finance brokers in the North East – helping you get what you want. You can see what our customers think about us by reading through our 5 star reviews.

Don’t be a backseat buyer anymore. Ride in the front seat of a car you’ve always wanted – but at a very heavily discounted price. We don’t control your deal, with us you get the power back. You can use your finance deal and pair it with any car dealership in the UK. Get the car you really want but without breaking the bank. You don’t need to worry about been stuck for choice.

Our knowledge is second-to-none, we know that it can be quite scary walking into a dealership if you’ve never had to do it before. You want to get the best deal but don’t know how. You needn’t worry anymore as our service doesn’t stop until you get your car. If you want us to, we can help guide you to dealerships we believe should be trusted and advise you on the ones you should avoid. We are here every step of your car buying journey. Its our duty to take care of you, and that we will do.

At UK Car Finance we work extremely hard to make sure you are happy with the deal you are getting – top quality service from your very own personal car finance expert giving you what you want and need.

How do I get Car Finance Stanhope?

Most people would agree that applying for car finance and going through the whole car buying ordeal can be quite stressful. We want to make you feel as relaxed and in control as possible which is why we now have a Car Loan Calculator that allows you to input your budget and how long you want the length of the loan to be and turns it into your expected interest rate and your credit score – along with how much your monthly repayments would be. We are revolutionising the car finance industry by making it about you.

Our calculator is not a hard search on your credit file, meaning that while most enquires will be visible – only you can see it. Don’t worry about future lenders seeing this search on your credit file because they won’t! We don’t want any of our customers to harm their credit files.

To be approved means that one of our lenders have accepted your application and said YES to giving you a finance deal. We have managed to help 98.4% of our applicants get car finance which we think is pretty extraordinary! Don’t hold back anymore – you could be getting what you want right now if you apply.

Applying for Car Finance Stanhope has never been so easy!

Simply all you have to do is head over to our online application form and fill in a few details that should only take you a few minutes. Once we receive your application one of our personal car finance experts will contact you and be with you through your whole car buying journey. After speaking to you and gathering a little bit more information from you – we will send your details off to our lenders. Once we have got the thumbs up from them, which usually takes no longer then 24 hours, we can’t wait to tell you the good news! Once approved, your one step closer to driving away – choose your car you want from any dealership in the UK and you could be driving within 7 days of your application.

Why UK Car Finance?

We are experts in financing used cars in Stanhope – working closely with you on your finance application and car opportunities. Our team are extremely knowledgeable on our lenders criteria and what they expect from a customer applying for credit, which is why we always succeed in getting amazing deals.

Some lenders will not accept people who work part-time, so we would only send your application to the ones that will accept part-time workers if that’s what you are. If we sent your application to a lender we know you won’t be approved with, your credit file could be at risk of potential harm. Here at UK Car Finance we always aim to protect your credit whilst still ensuring you get a phenomenal deal.

If you know your budget that’s great! We always try and get a deal that best suits that person – with no broker fees. It’s completely free to utilise us. We can also provide you with no deposits options if paying a deposit isn’t an opportunity for you, supported by great flexible payment plans fitting to you.

All you need to do is make sure that you are:

  • 18 years or older
  • Not currently bankrupt
  • Lived within the UK for at least 3 years or longer
  • Have a full UK driving licence
  • Can prove your affordability

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