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Have you been looking for car finance in Stockton on Tees? You’ve landed on the right page.

Get the very best used car finance in Stockton on Tees. Our local finance experts are ready to assist you in the your car buying journey. From getting your finance approved by our lenders to helping you choose a car, the service here at UK Car Finance doesn’t stop until you are happy. We are one of the highest rated car finance brokers in the North East, helping 98.4% of our customers get approvals and into their next car. There are unbelievable amounts of people just like you who’ve benefited from using our service. Why not see for yourself and have a look at some of our reviews.

Getting a car is now easier than ever. You needn’t worry about large payments as with UK Car Finance you can get a used vehicle for a small monthly cost – dependant on the length of the loan you want to take out. We specialise in Car Hire Purchase (HP) as this is one of the easiest forms of a car finance. With HP you either pay an extremely low deposit for a vehicle or no deposit at all – we have no deposit options as well as flexible payment plans.

In simple terms, Car Hire Purchase involves regular payment instalments which you pay to hire the vehicle – until you have made every payment the vehicle you are hiring isn’t yours to own.


Car Loan Calculator

What is a car loan calculator? You’ll be surprised that many finance companies just want you to go ahead and apply despite the level of your credit score or the interest rates they offer you. We have a system that allows you to do a soft search on your credit file to retrieve your expected interest rate and your credit score value. This information is great to have before applying as you’ll know how eligible you are to be approved for the finance.

Calculate Your Loan

Monthly Budget


Duration Of Loan


My Credit IS:

Representive example:

Cash price: £0.00, Deposit: £0.00, Amount of credit: £0.00, Rate of interest: 7.4% per annum, Amount of interest: £7.4, Lender Documentation fee: £0.00, Lenders option to purchase fee: £0.00, Total charge for credit: £7.4, First repayment: £0.00, Followed by 58 Monthly repayments of: £0.00, Final repayment: £0.00, Total amount payable: £0.00, Representative APR: 0.0%

Rates may differ as they are dependent on individual cirumstances. Subject to status.

A ‘soft search’ is something that will not have a negative effect on your credit file. While making an enquiry about a new loan will show up on your credit file, it can only be seen by yourself – future lenders will not be able to see you’ve made the search.

How do I get Car Finance Stockton-On-Tees?

It’s super stress-free and simple to get car finance Stockton-On-Tees. All we require is a couple of things from you.

You must be 18 years of age or older. This is a legal requirement from the government set in place. Nobody under the age of 18 can legally take out any credit or finance as you are not technically classed as an adult. At UK Car Finance we advise that if you are under 18 to wait a little bit before applying – building up your credit in the meantime.

We make applying for car finance as easy as 3 simple steps

  • Apply online now with our quick and easy application form
  • Once you’ve been accepted, choose your car
  • Sign the paperwork, collect the car, and drive away!

Let’s get started

You can’t be bankrupt. Sometimes this statement may scare people, but what we mean is that you can apply if you have been bankrupt in the past – but you must have been discharged from your bankruptcy before applying. If for any unfortunate reason you have been bankrupt, we would suggest that you check your credit score using our Car Loan Calculator firstly – and then using our tips on how to improve your credit score for a short while before applying.

You must be living in the UK and have done so for 3 years or longer. Our lenders require your 3 years address history in order to assess your ability to repay your loan. If you haven’t yet lived in the UK for 3 years, then don’t worry. If you wait a short while until you have, when your ready we can still help you.

Do you have a full UK driving licence? This is a necessity when applying for car finance, so if you haven’t quite passed your test yet, we advise that you wait until you have.


Can you prove that you can afford the loan? You must be able to provide us with proof of affordability in the form of payslips, bank statements or invoices.

Your choice of car

We know that a car is a really important asset to someone. You can get your finance deal through UK Car Finance and couple it with any car reputable dealership in Stockton-On-Tees or anywhere else in the UK. You can get the car you really want. And really, there is no strings attached with us!

Line Up Of Different Cars | UK Car Finance

We have a large range of vehicles you can search through on our website if you’re not sure what car you want yet.

Your next car could only be moments away. So why don’t you apply today?

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