Used Car Finance Stanley

We have unbelievable, quality car finance deals that you could be getting your hands on right now. With a large panel of lenders we can just about get almost everyone approved for car finance. Our 98.4% approval rating proves that. We are one of the North Easts leading brokers – you can even see for yourself by reading some of our reviews.

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UK Car Finance – Getting your car finance you deserve.


We think it’s vital that you are put back in complete control of your finance deal. Which is why we have a Car Loan Calculator that allows you to check how eligible you would be for finance with us before you actually apply. As this has adopted a soft search, it’s a great tool to figure out your expected interest rates along with your credit score – without leaving a negative impact on your credit file.

Calculate Your Loan

Monthly Budget


Duration Of Loan


My Credit IS:

A loan of


Representative example:

Cash price: £0.00, Deposit: £0.00, Amount of credit: £0.00, Rate of interest: 7.4% per annum, Amount of interest: £7.4, Lender Documentation fee: £0.00, Lenders option to purchase fee: £0.00, Total charge for credit: £7.4, First repayment: £0.00, Followed by 58 Monthly repayments of: £0.00, Final repayment: £0.00, Total amount payable: £0.00, Representative APR: 0.0%

Rates may differ as they are dependent on individual circumstances. Subject to status.


We understand that a car is a really important aspect of someone’s life, which is why we allow you to use your finance deal at any reputable car dealer in Stanley or in the UK for that matter. Giving you variety. If you know what car you want and which dealer – you have a great chance of getting that vehicle. If you don’t know what car you want, don’t worry we can help you choose.

How do I apply for Used Car Finance Stanley?

To apply you just need to fill in our short online application from that should only take you a couple of minutes.

You need to be at least 18 years of age, not currently bankrupt, lived in the UK 3 years or longer and are able to prove your affordability (just to make sure our lenders know you can make the payments). All these points are requirements for car finance and are government policies in place to ensure you are suitable for credit.

Once your application has come through to us, your very own personal car finance expert from UK Car Finance will give you a quick phone call to run through your details and check that everything you’ve written on your online form is correct before sending it off for approval to our lenders. Within 24 hours your personal car finance expert will be in touch to let you know that you’ve been approved!

Once approved, the ball is in your court. You can choose your fancy new car. You can have a little browse through some of the vehicles we can provide for you but other than that, you can go to any reputable dealership in the UK.

Why not browse through some of the cars we have available.


Line Up Of Cars | UK Car Finance

Getting car finance with UK Car Finance


What is Car Finance?

Car finance is simple. It’s borrowing money just like an actual loan but you’re getting the loan specifically for motor services e.g. getting a car. With this type of loan you are required to pay back the amount you have financed, plus the agreed interest rate you have accepted, over a period of time that has been finalised with the lender (in this case us). As paying 1000’s for a vehicle is not an option for many, car finance allows you to split these costs into manageable amounts every month – spread out over a period of years.

What deals do you do?

We specialise in Car Hire Purchase deals at the moment (HP) is the simplest form of a car finance plan. After paying with a relatively low deposit, or no deposit at all which is what we can offer you with UK Car Finance, you hire your car for regular payment instalments while having the use of the vehicle. You don’t own the vehicle until the last payment is made

There are many advantages of Car Hire Purchase. We can offer flexible payment plans from one 1 to 5 years to help fit you with your specific monthly budget. Your interest rates are fixed, so you know exactly what you’re paying each month for the length of the loan.

Do I need regular employment to get Car Finance Stanley?

The answer is no you don’t need regular employment. We have lenders who will approve people who are on benefits, Armed Forces, and even unemployed customers. Applicants are assessed on their overall income, whether that’s from part-time work or self-employment as long as you can prove that you’re able to afford to repay the loan you are applying for at the agreed rate.

If you are unemployed or on benefits you could be at an advantage from having a guarantor on your application as support or if you preferred, a joint application with a family member or a partner.

We work really hard to get as many people as we can approved, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on: