Tyre pressure is really important, and it is recommended that you get into the habit of checking your tyre pressure every month. But why is tyre pressure so important? Your tyres are ultimately the only thing that’s keeping your vehicle gripped to the road so its recommended that you keep them in tip top condition! Correct tyre pressure is vital for safety, braking, lifespan of your tyres and grip on the road. Tyre pressure can cause problems when both under and over inflated.

Why are incorrectly inflated tyres bad?

  • Reduced fuel economy. Rolling resistance is increased when tyres are underinflated, and tyres need more energy which uses more fuel.
  • Safety risks. If tyres are not inflated to the correct pressure, it can affect vehicle handling, cornering, acceleration, braking and grip and tyres are more likely to blowout.
  • Tyres wear more quickly. When tyres are underinflated, they have to work harder and produce more energy. Underinflated tyres speed up the wear and tear of tyres and they won’t last as long as predicted.

How do I check tyre pressure?

Checking your tyre pressure is really easy and you can do it from home in just a few simple steps. Tyre pressure is different for each vehicle and you can check your tyre pressure in your handbook. Most cars also have a sticker within the bodywork which shows your optimum tyre pressure.

You can either check your tyre pressure using a pressure gauge at home or you can check your tyre pressure at many local fuel stations across the UK. You can also fill your tyres at a garage or fuel station for a small fee.

Check tyre pressure in 7 easy steps:

1. Check your tyre pressure when tyres are cool
2. Put your handbrake on and switch the ignition off
3. Unscrew your dust caps and keep them safe
4. Press the tyre pressure gauge into the valve evenly and straight down for an accurate reading. You should hear a little hiss of air.
5. Check the reading on the gauge and if it falls outside the recommended pressure for your tyre, you will either need to deflate or inflate accordingly.
6. You should check all 4 tyres and your spare tyre if you have one.
7. Remember to put all the dust caps back on after checking

inflate tyres

How do I inflate my tyres?

If you’ve checked your tyre pressure and find that you need to inflate your tyres, you can either do it at home or at a local garage. You can inflate your tyres at home by using a portable tyre inflator or you can use a bike pump. Alternatively, many petrol stations across the UK have an air pressure compressor which you can use for a small fee.

deflate tyres

How do I deflate my tyres?

If your tyres are over inflated, you can deflate them easily at home. Remove the cap and press the small pin in the middle with something such as a flat head screwdriver. The tyre will then start releasing air. Check the tyre pressure and repeat the process until the tyre pressure is at its recommended pressure. Remember to put the caps back on when finished.

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