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A common question we get asked by customers is ‘Am I eligible for car finance?’ Car finance has long been the most popular way for drivers to get a car, but many drivers still wonder if they qualify. If you’ve ever been refused car finance, you may be wondering what the eligibility criteria for a car loan is. Whilst car finance can’t be guaranteed to everyone who applied for it, our lending panel has a few initial criteria you should meet before you even apply. Find out more about car finance eligibility.

Check your eligibility for car finance. 

Before you apply for car finance with us, we ask you to say yes to the following car finance eligibility criteria.

  1. I am over 18 years old.
  2. I have lived in the UK for 3+ years.
  3. I can prove my affordability.
  4. I am not currently bankrupt.
  5. I have a full UK driving license.

If you can say yes to the above, we can send you off to our lending panel and await a decision!

woman checking off car finance criteria

Why do I need to meet this criteria? 

If you can say yes to our car finance eligibility criteria above, it doesn’t automatically mean you will be approved for car finance. It instead means you could meet one of our lender’s requirements. We’re not able to guarantee finance to any driver without getting to know a little more about them first. You can do this via our no-obligation application form, with no effect on your credit score. One of the best reasons to use a car finance broker like us is we have a wide lending panel and can help you find the best finance deal from one of our lenders. A larger lending panel enables us to help as many people as possible get a car on finance. 

How to be eligible for car finance? 

As a car finance broker, we won’t lend any money to you. Instead, we take your finance application and put it in front of the most suitable lenders for your situation. If one or more of our trusted lenders wishes to offer you a car finance deal, we’ll help you select the lowest rate car finance on offer. We can’t promise you’ll get approved for finance and if you’re looking to check your eligibility for car finance, you can follow the steps below.

  • Assess your affordability. When it comes to getting a car on finance, your affordability is key. If you can’t afford to make the repayments, you can’t afford to get a car on finance. When you apply for finance, we will ask you how much you can afford to pay each month. If you’re approved by a lender, you will need to prove your affordability by supplying 3 months’ bank statements and/or payslips. If you’re wondering how much you can afford for a car, use our car finance calculator to find out.
  • Check your credit report – Your creditworthiness is an influential factor in getting car finance. Car finance with good credit can be easier to obtain as it shows the lender you have managed credit responsibly in the past. Different lenders have different credit scoring scales, and it can be hard to pinpoint one universal credit score in order to get approved for finance. If you check your credit score and your score is low, take some time to work on the factors which are holding you back and work to improve your credit. Find out how to check your credit report.

Who is the best credit reference agency to use?

  • Register to vote – Make sure you’ve registered on the electoral roll and are eligible to vote. You may be wondering what the electoral register has to do with car finance but it actually makes it easy for lenders to check your address history and verify your information.
  • Consider a deposit – If you don’t have a deposit, don’t worry! All our car finance deals come with no deposit to pay. However, if you are struggling to get approved for finance, a deposit could help you. The amount you can afford to put down at the start of your loan will be deducted from the total loan amount. This means you don’t have to borrow as much from the lender, and it can even lower the interest rate you may be offered and make your monthly payments cheaper.

Is there an age limit for car finance? 

Yes, there is an age limit for car finance

You must be at least 18 years old to apply for car finance. Similarly, many of our lenders also set a maximum age for car finance. Different lenders have different cut-offs but, usually, the maximum age for car finance is 75 years old. 

checking income of customer

Can I apply with a low income? 

Many of our lenders ask for a minimum gross income of £1,000.

Affordability is the most important factor when it comes to getting that car finance approval. The larger your income level the easier it will be. Typically, lenders look for an income level of at least £1,000, some require more. Your income is your wage, bonuses, commission, top-ups, and any benefits you receive. Make sure to include it all when you apply.

Why do I need a full UK license for car finance? 

If you have a Full UK driving licence then great news, all of our lenders have finance options for you! If you hold a provisional licence, it may be worth waiting until you pass your test to take advantage of the full lending panel, but there are some options if you can’t wait. If you have a European Licence we also have some options for you too, but these are a little more limited.

Do I have to be employed to qualify for car finance? 

You can’t get car finance if you are unemployed

However, we have lenders that accept all options so don’t worry. However, full-time employment is accepted universally across the board.

✅ Full-Time Employment.
✅ Part-Time Employment.
✅ Self-Employed.
✅ Benefit-Only Income.


“Had a fantastic experience with this company. Sean my advisor helped me with the process, everything that was going to happen and what to do with the online paperwork. Within a few hours was told that I got the car that I had picked.
I would highly recommend this company. Thank you again to Sean for everything.” – Elizabeth from Fife (Via Google Reviews)

Strat your car finance journey today!

Make a free, no-obligation application with no effect on your credit score! Get approved and find the car you want from any FCA-approved dealership. 

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