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There are so many cars in the UK and sometimes we may take that for granted. Cars are incredible transportation machines that came into global use during the 20th century. Have a read on some of these amazing facts about cars that you’d never have known.

Top 10 facts about cars you probably did not know:

1. The first speeding ticket was issued in 1896.


Back in 1896, the first speeding ticket was issued to Mr Walter Arnold in Kent, UK. Mr Arnold had exceeded the speed limit by 4 times the stated limit and was doing a superfast 8mph! The law at the time indicated that cars could not travel over 2mph and Walter had received a fine of one shilling (around 20p) from a local policeman. 

2. Tesla model Y is the world’s best-selling car. 

facts about electric cars

The Tesla Model Y was the fastest-selling car in the world as of 2023! This is really exciting as it’s the first time that an electric car has become the world’s fastest-selling car! The Tesla Model Y is a really impressive car with some of the most cutting-edge technology used and it has one of the highest electric ranges available. The Tesla Model Y can travel 283 miles on a single charge!

3. The average UK driver spends eight months of their life in waiting in traffic.

One of our most depressing facts about cars is that UK drivers spend around eight months of their life waiting in traffic and a whole FOUR years behind the wheel! With an increase in vehicles on the road and roads becoming more congestion, it’s no surprise that we’re spending longer in our cars. 

4. Grey is the UK’s favourite car colour.

According to information from the SMMT, grey is the most popular colour for a car amongst UK drivers. For the last 5 years, the colour grey has been a firm favourite with car buyers and in 2022 over 1/4 of drivers choose this colour for their new car. 

5. A typical car spends 95% of its life parked up. 

Did you know on average a car will spend 95% of its life parked up? Only 5% of the time does your car actually gets used and the rest of its life will be spent stationary. 

6. You could drive to the moon in less than a month.

If you drove straight up toward the moon and travel at a constant 60mp, you would reach the moon in less than a month! 

getting in a car

7. There Are Less Petrol Stations Now Than in 1970.

It may not be shocking to know that there are actually fewer fuel stations in the UK than there were in 1970. With the rise of electric and hybrid cars, more petrol stations may have turned into electric charging points instead. 

8. Windscreen wipers used to be considered a distraction. 

The windshield wiper was invented in 1902 but first opinions considered wipers to be a distraction when driving and they were entirely scrapped altogether! Nowadays though, windscreen wipes are one of the most important parts of a car. Find out how to change your windscreen wipers at home

9. Only one in 10 EV drivers buy their vehicles outright.

Recent information from the Finance Leasing Association (FLA) shows that 90% of new EV cars are financed and really, it’s no surprise. Electric cars can have a higher purchase price due to the modern technology involved and more drivers are choosing to finance an electric car due to their inability to buy one outright. 

10. The man who invented cruise control was blind.

Cruise control is a very popular piece of technology used in most modern cars nowadays. But did you know cruise control was actually invented by a blind man? Ralph Teetor created the ‘Speedostat’ in 1948 which would later become more commonly known as cruise control by the 1960s.