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Whatever your reasons for needing to sell your car, you may be wondering where to start with the process! It can be confusing but doing your research beforehand can help to save you time and money. Our ‘how to sell a car checklist’ below is here to help make the process run smoothly and explore the different ways to sell a car. You’ll also need to consider which documents you will need when selling your car too. Let’s take a look at what to do when selling a car. 

Ways to sell your car: 

1. Selling to a dealer.

One of the easiest ways to sell your car is at a dealership, especially if you’re part exchanging your car for a new one. Selling your car at a dealership is a hassle-free way to get rid of your car but you may get more money for your vehicle when you sell it privately. You can get a valuation for your vehicle based on the trade value and condition from the dealer and then decide if this is the way you want to sell your car.

2. Selling your car privately. 

Selling your car privately does take more time and effort but it can be the best way to get the highest price for your current car. You can create an online Ad on reputable sites such as AutoTrader or Motorway and ensure you have time to be showing potential buyers the vehicle. When you sell privately, you will need to ensure your advert is honest, accurate and fair in its description. 

3. Car buying websites.

Car buying sites such as We Buy Any Car are great for sellers who want a quick and guaranteed transaction. These sites can give you an instant online valuation for your vehicle and could even pay out within the same day. Some of these websites offer you an online price before a proper inspection which could be much less than you were quoted originally. But if you’re only interested in a quick sale with minimum hassle, this could be the best way to sell your old car.

Can you sell a car on finance? 

Technically, you can’t sell a car on finance if it is not your car to sell. Car finance deals such as PCP and Hire Purchase are secured loans which means the ownership lies with the lender, even though you’re using the car. Ownership will only transfer once the final balloon payment or option to purchase fee is paid. During the agreement, you won’t have the right to sell the car. If you want to explore selling a car on finance, you will need to contact the lender who your finance agreement is with. If you got your finance through, UK Car Finance and aren’t sure which lender we matched you with, drop us a message and we can help! 

What paperwork do you need to sell a car?

Once you’ve found a seller for your car, you will need to get your documents in order. Some buyers may even ask to view any supporting documents before they hand over the money so it’s worth considering first. To make the sale of your car go smoothly, make sure you have the following documents ready.

  •  V5C Logbook – The V5C or Vehicle Registration Document contains information about the vehicle you are selling and registers the vehicle with the DVLA. It also proves to buyers you are the current owner of the car you are selling and have the right to do so. To transfer ownership over to the new buyer, you will need to fill in Section 6 of the V5C form and send it to the DVLA or you can do it online.
  • Service history/service book. – Your service book should be stamped each time you get a service to show future buyers the history of your vehicle. Some newer cars don’t come with a service book anymore and instead have a digital service log with the dealer. If you have a physical service book, you should always present this to any potential buyers and hand it over when the same is complete.
  • MOT certificates – Once a car is more than 3 years old, it will need to have regular, yearly MOTs. You can check the MOT history of a car online or you may have paper certificates to give to the buyer.

If your car has a private registration plate and you want to keep the plate, you will need to contact the DVLA for a V778 retention document and have the plate removed before the sale. 

Top tips when selling your car: 

✅ Know the market value of your car.
✅ Give it a good clean for buyers.
✅ Get your documents together.
✅ Be honest and accurate.
✅ Be prepared to negotiate.
✅ Sort a secure payment.
✅ Walk away if you need to.
✅ Take your time.

top tips

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