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Are you looking for how to replace a car bulb at home? Look no further, the most recent article in our ‘how to…’ series teaches you how to change a car headlight bulb at home! It can be possible to replace a car bulb yourself but it can depend on your car’s make and model and how old it is. More often than not, newer cars are making it increasingly harder to access your bulbs and hang them for yourself. 

How to change a headlight bulb:

1. Identify and locate the broken bulb.

Before you start, ensure the engine is off and your handbrake is on. If you’ve recently driven the vehicle, wait 10 minutes for the engine to cool first. You need to identify which bulb needs to be replaced. You can find out which replacement bulb you need to buy by entering your registration online or by removing the old bulb which will have the type stamped on the side. 

You can’t access the bulb by the front of the car and will need to open the bonnet. You will then be able to see the headlight and where the bulb is kept. 

2. Detach the power wires and release the bulb.

Before you can fit the new bulb, you will need to disconnect the old one. Now, this part can differ depending on which make and model car you have. Usually, there will be three power wires to the bulb and they will be held in place by a lock such as a plastic latch, metal clip or screwed in. Release the head bulb light accordingly and take your time. We suggest using a tissue to cover the bulb or wearing gloves so you don’t directly touch the bulb. 

3. Fit the new bulb. 

Once you’ve removed the old bulb, all that’s left to do is fit the new one! Simply put the new bulb into the holder carefully and remember to not touch the bulb with your fingers (fingerprints or marks can affect the lifespan of your bulb). Then, put the cover back on and make sure it’s securely in place. 

4. Test your new bulb is working. 

Once the bulb is fitted, close the bonnet and get into the vehicle. Start the engine and turn on your headlights. Then get out of the car and check the headlights are working correctly. If not, you may need to refit or get a trained mechanic to do it for you. 

Can you replace any car light bulb yourself? 

Some bulbs inside your car are harder to replace than others and it may be best to leave it to a trained professional instead. Other bulbs you can find within your car include:

  • Brake lights.
  • Indicators,
  • Rear lights. 
  • Reverse lights. 
  • Fog lights.
  • Full beam.
  • Hazard warning lights. 
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